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Physical Health Focus

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Assessment & Integrated Understanding

We first take a deep dive into the status of your physical health.  What are you physically experiencing that is not working for you?  What do you think is the main cause?  What is your body doing, that you no longer want to experience?  What isn't your body doing that you wish it could?


While focused on your Physical Health, we also look at your upbringing, your current lifestyle habits, your social connections, self beliefs, resource limitations & more.


A Results-Driven Method

TIRO helps you design clear goals & a future for yourself.  With a minimum of 1-2 hours of 1-on-1 coaching each week, you are offered additional material for reading, viewing, listening & exploring that aid in your understanding of your body's health to make empowered choices for yourself.

Your program is designed to surround you with the opportunities & elements needed to build resiliency tools & thrive through your process of change.


A Plan You Can Stick To

Your personal & unique Physical Health based program is sectioned into pockets of growth.  You will have a clear vision & direction of the necessary steps to take every week to reach your Physical Health goals that will improve every section of your life.

Guidance, support & adjustments are made each week in your coaching sessions for you to stay focused and confident in your progress.


Tracking Success

Through tracking the relief & positive changes in your symptoms, ailments & life as a whole, you will be able to see & feel what parts of the program are helping you most.  Your TIRO program morphs & grows with you to maximize your success, helping you determine & measure your improved holistic health & wellness in reference to your ideal outcome.

Program Cost


/month +gst


All TIRO programs incorporate the holistic health needs of a person. We look at the ecosystem of your life to determine the nonfunctional elements wreaking havoc on your health & well being. 

What We Cover

  • Your Relationship With Your Body

  • Chronic Symptoms

  • Acute Symptoms

  • Cyclical Injuries

  • Your Somatic Awareness

  • Physically Locked Trauma

  • Body Shame & Empowerment

  • Functional Movement

  • Weight Management

  • Moving in the Ways You Love

  • Setting Goals for Strength or Capability

  • Pushing Beyond Perceived Limits

  • Sexual Health & Fulfillment 

  • Self care

  • Health-Span Vs. Life-Span (Wellness in Aging)

  • Activity & Exercise that Suits YOU

  • Creating the Habit of a Health Focused Lifestyle

  • Increased Energy & Daily Endurance

  • How Your Upbringing Informs Your Current Physical Health

  • Genetics & Epigenetics 

Yoga Class

Physical Health Focus

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