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Whether you are a classroom of nursing students, a Not For Profit social services organization, a team of Child & Family Ministry Workers or a Government team working on crafting better health care for our nation, your workshop & presentation will be directly related & contoured to the change & understanding you require to be fully Trauma Informed


360 Trauma Training

  • What is Trauma & what is not Trauma

  • Roots of Trauma & how it evolves 

  • Identifying Trauma as health problems, comorbidity & coping strategies to survive

  • What does it truly mean to be Trauma-Informed (beyond empathy & compassion)

  • How to integrate Trauma-Informed Practices into your work

  • Protecting yourself & your mental health by using proper Trauma Informed Practice

  • Seeing the bigger picture of a clients health struggles, history & why they are sick

  • Empowering clients with knowledge leading to holistic lifestyle approaches for healing


Elevate Staff & Professional Capability

  • Why everyone working with the public needs to be trauma informed

  • How being Trauma Informed can save health workers from 'caregiver burnout' & secondary trauma

  • TIRO practices can lower cyclical & repeat clients needs in our over strained physical & mental healthcare system

  • Acknowledge patient & client dependency on applied healing when they are not utilizing personal agency in the healing process (victimhood behavior)


Resiliency Focused

  • Understanding Resiliency - what is it & why is it necessary

  • Identifying core skills, how they are built & why pieces may be missing

  • What happens when Resiliency is present

  • How our nutrition, physical health & physiology & mental health are connected

  • Ways to practice, build & teach resiliency in yourself & others


Bigger Picture Ideas

  • Full spectrum comprehension on holistic health & wellness

  • The effects of our intergenerational connections

  • Becoming Transitional Characters for ourselves & our legacy

  • How to apply wrap-around & cluster programming

  • Accessing full spectrum resources

  • Using this knowledge to provide better service for your clients & improve objectives & outcomes

Who Is This Training For?

  • Nurses

  • Doctors

  • Social Workers

  • Community Support Workers

  • Councilors

  • Care Aids/Home Support

  • Alternative Health Professionals

  • First Responders/Police

  • Government & Military Personnel

  • Addiction Support Workers

  • Public Health Workers

  • Child/Youth Educators & Coaches

  • Not For Profit Organizations

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